Facts About Food In Spain

Facts About Food In Spain

May 28th 2020

When talking about food from Spain, you can think of jamon iberico, manchego cheese, paella and wine. But...There is way more than that!

Spain lives and breathes for food. All gatherings have food as a nexus. When Spaniards get together, they eat. But not whatever works...

No. A hummus with some other spreads from the nearest convenience store, crackers and a bag of potato chips will not cut it. Spaniards like to make everything from scratch!


Regardless of the region of Spain that you visit, they all have those foods that stand out locally and they are proud to cook for others.

If you visit Asturias you should try Fabada Asturiana, which is a stew made with fabes, a special large white bean from Asturias or El Bierzo with lacon (type of ham with a very distinctive flavor), and asturian chorizo and morcilla (blood sausage).

In Valencia, you will surely eat Paella.

In Malaga you will have Pescaito frito (special small fried fish, not greasy, very crunchy and delicious).

But in all of these places you will surely enjoy other amazing preparations made with fresh veggies, meats, sauces, everything made from scratch.


To make the food experience as traditional as possible, Spaniards like to use the cookware and tableware that is traditionally used for each specific plate.

Wood plates are used to serve pulpo a la gallega (octopus, galician style) or Manchego Cheese platter.

A traditional paella pan to cook and serve the most international Spanish plate: Paella.

Clay cookware is used to cook meats in the oven or on the stove, stews, and also to serve finger foods at the table such as olives, and chorizos giving the setting a colorful, Spanish flair.


There is one thing that catches the attention of all visitors in Spain. The plates in the same setting are endless! This is because Spain has a veeery large selection of foods to offer. There is fresh produce everywhere, all type of meats you can imagine, the variety of fish and seafood is unequal, unique spices like saffron and pimenton de la vera, more olive oil than any other country in the world...and good weather to be able to share with your close ones.

At this moment, if you are thinking "this person for sure is from Spain!" Yes I am, and I want to share everything that I know from my country with you.